Journey House aims to bring music to Clarke Square youth

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(Photo by Edgar Mendez)

If you have musical instruments gathering dust in your closet or under the bed, Journey House would be happy to take them off your hands. So far, Journey House has collected four electric guitars and one flute for the music program it hopes to start at its new location at 900 W. Washington St.

The organization, which offers education and recreation programs for children and adults, is looking for used instrument donations, volunteers and community partners for the program.

Cherise Meyers, director of community relations at Journey House, said the organization is looking to expand its cultural arts department in its new, larger facility.

“Since we’re expanding, we’d really love to get into music,” said Meyers. Education experts note that music helps teach discipline, math skills and the ability to work in harmony with others.

“There’s not much going on with music in our community,” Meyers said. “Music (education) gives young people an opportunity to build self-confidence and interpersonal skills, while fostering a love of music.”

While Journey House caters to many residents in Clarke Square, Meyers hopes the program will reach new people.

“Even though we’re located in Clarke Square, and the majority of our (participants) live in Clarke Square, everyone is welcome,” she said.

Journey House is part of The Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative, a revitalization program funded by the Zilber Family Foundation to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. The initiative focuses on a community-school partnership, employment and job training, public safety, neighborhood beautification and economic development, among other things.

Class schedules will be based on the number of volunteers, instrument donations and partnerships Journey House forms, although Meyers said the organization hopes to run the program five days a week.

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