Lecture series asks ‘Do Black Lives Matter?’

Reggie Jackson is head griot at the online Black Holocaust Museum, located at 4th Street and North Avenue until 2008. (Photo by Jabril Faraj)

Reggie Jackson of the Black Holocaust Museum puts the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ to the test in a lecture series that traces the history of devaluing black people in America.

Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation set to launch mini-documentary

HEDC is excited to announce the completion of the Havenwoods Community documentary.  Beginning on July 13th HEDC will release the first of seven short documentaries with each telling a unique story in Havenwoods.  Watch as we release a new story every Monday via email starting on July 13th through August 24th . With the Havenwoods […]

Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation engages neighborhood elders with adaptable community garden build

Being fully inclusive in raising the quality of life in their community, Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) completed an adaptable community garden.   In partnership with the Milwaukee County Parks, Ground Works, McGovern Park Senior Center, Imagine Aquaponics, Earn and Learn youth workers and the Helen Bader Foundation, HEDC created a gardening space that seniors of […]