We are News414

News414 is a service journalism collaboration of three nonprofit newsrooms: Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service (NNS), Wisconsin Watch and Outlier Media. We identify, report and deliver reliable information to meet the needs of Milwaukee residents.
Overhead view of the Clarke Square neighborhood in Milwaukee

We are currently focused on five key issues: Food security, housing, health and safety,  jobs and money and mental health and domestic violence — areas with longstanding information gaps we intend to help close during the coronavirus crisis and its aftermath.

We use surveys and other forms of outreach to inform our reporting. Our No. 1 focus is providing resources to equip residents to create a better, and more just and equitable Milwaukee. 

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Faces of News414

A pair of Milwaukee natives are steering News414 with support from staff in each of the partner newsrooms.

Jeff Roman

Jeff Roman, Project Manager


(414) 856-5383

Jeff keeps News414 organized, on task and on mission. He is the point of contact for the partner newsrooms, updating them on the project’s progress and resource needs. 

Jeff, who grew up on the North Side, is an organizer, consultant and community strategist with a long track record of serving diverse groups of Milwaukee residents. He has spent four years as a member of Derute Consulting Cooperative, which supports communities and organizations committed to racial and social justice. He is a former two-term commissioner and past chair of the Milwaukee Equal Rights Commission and was previously executive director of the nonprofit Urban Roots Milwaukee.

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Jimmy Gutierrez, Engagement Manager

Jimmy is looking for ways to connect with Milwaukee residents and help News414 newsrooms translate their information needs into news coverage.

Jimmy grew up on the South Side of Milwaukee and spent 2013-2015 as a Milwaukee firefighter, where he also led a multimedia campaign to improve firefighter health and wellness. Jimmy spent the past four years at New Hampshire Public Radio, where he launched, co-hosted and produced The Second Greatest Show on Earth, which provided a platform for listener questions and engagement. He has come home to help lead News414.

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