This is 53206

Few communities are known by their ZIP codes, but Milwaukee’s 53206 is an exception. The statistics are grim. For example, 62 percent of black men in 53206 are incarcerated, the highest percentage in the country, and 44.6 percent of individuals live below the poverty line. But there is much more to 53206 than these statistics. This package, produced by students at Diederich College of Communication in spring 2018 journalism classes taught by Melinda Davenport, Mark Zoromski and Sharon McGowan, and by NNS reporters, shows another side of 53206.


Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

Milwaukee museum pulls black people ‘out of the shadows of history’

By Sophie Bolich, Max Nawara, Aly Prouty

Clayborn Benson’s Wisconsin Black Historical Society overflows with formerly forgotten stories of African-American residents of Wisconsin.

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Crystal McClain works to improve life for at-risk youth in 53206

By Alberta Perales, Dana Potts, JP McGuire

Inspired by an aunt who was known for caring for children in the 53206 neighborhood, Crystal McClain provides group and transitional housing through Revive Youth & Family Services, which teaches at-risk young people to live independently.

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Walnut Way executive director promotes economic development, community

By Jackson Dufault, Connor Stanley, Kahaleq Sattaar El

Antonio Butts is working to make the Lindsay Heights community a prime destination for African-Americans.

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Behavioral Health Division nurse works to end mental health stigma in 53206

By Abby Ng, Rome Gandelsman, Princess Byers

Lauren Hubbard grew up in 53206, and now she is trying to end the stigma surrounding mental illness that prevents people from getting help.

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North Side artist Evelyn Patricia Terry curates ‘little gem’ gallery

By Sydney Czyzon, Jenny Whidden, Grace Connaster

Evelyn Patricia Terry showcases artwork in her home art gallery, but despite her past international success, she lacks funding for much-needed renovations.

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Zen Dragonfly brings new form of healing to Walnut Way

By Margaret Cannon

Angela Smith is a healing teacher, life coach and holistic practitioner. She has partnered with Walnut Way Conservation Corp. to bring alternative healing classes to the North Side.

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Medical student from 53206 hopes to improve health in urban communities

By Leah Harris

Na’il Scoggins is in his first year of medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He’s had an interest in helping people through medicine since he was a child.

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